Certified according to ISO 17100, the internationally recognized standard for companies within the translation industry

For companies active in the international market, high quality services in foreign language communication and the adherence to company-specific routines are of paramount importance. Therefore, many medical technology companies work exclusively with ISO-certified suppliers. In order to meet this demand, Henn Translations has been certified according to the ISO 17100:2016 international quality standard. This certification provides the customer with the assurance of reliable and transparent work processes and continuously revised qualifications within the scope of regular audits, during which the quality of service undergoes continuous validation based on ISO 17100 requirements.

In addition to process compliance, evidence of regular further education needs to be provided during the annual ISO audits for both the translators and the translation partners in order to comply with the ISO requirements for recertification.

Furthermore, the audit focuses on compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Henn Translations uses a secure cloud system for the data transfer, which may also be used by customers.